Paleo Diet

Is Rice Paleo?

Is rice Paleo? It depends on who you’re asking and why you’re asking. What are you health goals?

Yes, but…

Rice is a grain, which means it’s not permitted by the Paleo diet. But some health experts like Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet thinks it’s a safe carb. Here is the answer I receive from Paul:

“No, the reasons we consider rice safe have nothing to do with the China Study; it is because all the known toxins in white rice are destroyed in routine cooking (except phytate which is fairly benign). We have an extensive quote about this on p 233, the source is cited in footnote 2 of chapter 24: Among the rice toxins that are destroyed in cooking are all the compounds that serve the same functions as the wheat compounds which are considered most dangerous.

The wheat-vs-rice comparisons are more about persuading skeptics that the toxins in wheat, which are not destroyed in cooking, actually do matter for health. The comparison are not meant to show that rice is safe, but that wheat is dangerous.”

I’ll take that as a Yes.

No, if…

  • You’re trying to lose weight
    • No – don’t eat rice, cut back on carbs in general. If you’re overweight it means you’re overeating on carbs and probably sugar as well.


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