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Prawns in Vegetables and Coconut Sauté

Prawns in Vegetables and Coconut Sauté: Prawn is a very delicious sea food. The soft flesh inside the crustacean cover is a real wonder. Although it can be time consuming, but after removing the shell and the excretory ducts it’s the most delicious meat. Prawns are acquired from river. Various countries have various styles of cooking prawns. Tiger prawn is a very popular variety amongst many cultures throughout the world. Asian countries are fond of cooking prawn with mustard oil, coconut oil with grated coconut or onions, while Mediterranean countries like to eat in a different manner.

Coconut milk is rich in minerals. Food cooked in coconut oil and milk will give a different degree of taste. Broccoli will complement the taste of both. So this dish is an awesome combination of essential vitamins and minerals. Fish cooked with green vegetable in it is really healthy and a delicious deal. Although you can cook in a slow cooker, but I prefer a normal cooker for this dish as prawn is a soft meat and really does not take a long time to cook.

For sea food lovers this must be the most desired dish. Prawns cooked with broccoli and leeks, simmered in coconut milk will be the most scrumptious dish ever.

Difficulty: Medium

Total Time to Make: 55 minutes

Preparation time:  10 minutes

Cooking time: 45 minutes

Servings: 3


  1. Prawns ( medium sized ½ lb. in weight),
  2. Coconut oil ( 2 tablespoons),
  3. Turmeric powder ( 3/4th  teaspoon),
  4. Salt ( 1 teaspoon),
  5. Broccoli ( chopped ½ cup),
  6. Vegetable broth (1/2 cup),
  7. Coconut milk (1 cup).


  1. Marinate prawns with salt and turmeric powder for 10 minutes.
  2. Heat coconut oil in a stock pan. Add the marinated prawns to it and cook for some time till it becomes soft. Add the broccoli. Stir till the vegetable becomes soft.
  3. Add the coconut milk and heat at simmering mode for 20 minutes.

Remove and serve it to your guests.

Steaming hot rice can be a perfect accompaniment (If you’re a safe starch Paleo eater, else try the Cauliflower Rice recipe). You may even do the same in a slow cooker but the time taken will be a bit more. Out of all the sea food ingredients like crab, mussels and other fishes I like prawn the most. Anything prepared out of prawn is a very much desired dish for me. If you want it a bit hot then you may sauté it with fresh green chillies.

Nutrition note: Per serving will contain Energy: 244 Cals., Total fat: 16.8 gms., Cholesterol: 146.6 mgms., Sodium: 1,502.6 mgms., Potassium: 148.3 mgms., Total carbohydrates: 6.5 gms., Dietary fiber: 1.2 gms., Sugar: 3.5 gms., Protein: 18.8 gms.

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